2D / 3D Animations

We are currently making 3D animations, also we had achieved some good results in 2D animations before. A group of 12 specialists are working on improving and creating more quality animations.

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Movie Studio

There is a little gate we have entered into the movies section in our work. We are spending a lot of effort to achieve some place in this sector.

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Styrofoam Figures

Currently our staff is setting up a new production line of styrofoam figures, it is the newest machines that can work with 3D figures and easily cuts and figure in 3D format.

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Join us to success

You can join us if you are willing to learn and practice animation making processes, we welcome you warmly. There will always be a place for you.

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Learn from masters

Have you heard about masters that make greatest movie effects in our country? We have. We have already been working in a great builded teams located in Bishkek.

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Latest mocap Systems

We use latest mocap systems (in the world) to capture motions in order to get finest movements in our animations. There are so much benefits of using these kind of technologies.

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Moving forward with kurman.io

As a young entrepreneurs, we have some aims to achieve and some dreams to come true. Basically, there are 3 or 4 steps to complete in next years:

  • Set up a good, modern movie making studio where we could produce our films for the short time period and in needed quality. For that purpose, we work with the best directors in the country.
  • Being in a leading positions in animation making sector, teaching new generation of staff that will be able to switch into many types of works in animation studios.
  • Moving forward and making more videos for our Youtube channels, achieve the next Step in Youtube's encouraging program.
  • Making great steps into outdoor advertising market in Bishkek, for these purposes we already have bought newest 3d milling machines from abroad. This is a serious step for Kyrgyzstan, because this kind of machine is coming to our country for the first time in history.

We need mobile app creators !

Urgent call! We need specialists who has experience in building applications, games for Android and Ios or crossplatforms. All positions we are hiring are under the Labor Code of Kyrgyz Republic.